Thursday, November 08, 2007

Swami Gokulananda: a short Biography, 1929-2007

Recently, I had been to Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi and I came across this beautiful offering at the feet of the Holy Trio
"Swami Gokulananda: a short biography, 1929-2007", dedicated at the loving memory of Swami Gokulanandaji Maharaj by a few Delhi devotees.


To the Youth, Swami Gokulanandaji used to exhort the following quote from Swami Vivekananda:
"Be Possessed of Shraddha, of strength, attain to the knowledge of the atman, and sacrifice your life for the good of others - this is my wish and blessings"
Swami Vivekananda
. p.4

Swami Gokulanandaji delivered his first lecture at Delhi the title aptly called "Meditation with eyes open"
Swami Gokulanandaji has often been exhorting the devotees to practise this attitude to work i.e, work is meditation with eyes open by the following five-fold spiritual disciplines in daily routine, which he had himself found as very efficacious:
  1. Early morning and when alone, reminding ourselves of our divinity
  2. During work and interaction, reminding ourselves of the divinity of the people and situations that we deal with.
  3. Frequently reminding ourselves of our divinity and that of others.
  4. Frequently reminding ourselves that to love others is the highest discipline.
  5. Frequently remembering that all women are the manifestation of the Divine Mother. p.44
Let us Meditate on the above words.........

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Suchita Sharma said...

He was a mahatma who's intellect was of a scolar and who's heart was of a 2 years kid. He spread love and his work was his worship indeed. You are deeply missed maharaj. I remember you everyday in my prayers.