Sunday, July 15, 2007

the Master's Grace....

Anyone who takes shelter in the Master with all sincerity and with his whole being, anyone who loves the Master, will surely attain liberation. There is a story about a sweeper named Rasik who lived at Dakshineswar. He used to call the Master “Father”. One day the Master was returning from the direction of the Panchavati, absorbed in a spiritual mood. At that time Rasik knelt down before him and prayed with folded hands: “Father, why don’t you bless me? What will happen to me?” The Master assured him: “You have no need to fear. You will have your wish fulfilled. You will see me at the time of death”. And that is exactly what happened. Shortly before his death, Rasik was carried to a holy spot near the tulsi plant (Its leaves are used for worshipping Vishnu). As the moment of death approached, Rasik cried out: “You are here! You have come to me, Father! You have really come, Father!” And thus he breathed his last.”

Ch. 8. Swami Shivananda. ‘Days in Dakshineswar’. p.127.
Ramakrishna as we saw him/ edited and translated by
Swami Chetananda._ Calcutta; Advaita Ashrama, 1999.
ISBN: 81-85301-03-4. Rs. 100/-

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