Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Work for Others....

Swami Vivekananda: ....Praise and censure have no value in this world of ours. They only rock a man as if in a swing. Praise I have had enough of; showers of censure I have also had to bear; but what avails thinking of them! Let everyone go on doing his own duty, unconcerned. When the last moment arrives, praise and blame will be the same to you, to me, and to others. We are here to work, and will have to leave all when the call comes.

................Think of this infinite universe with its millions and millions of solar systems, and think with what an infinite, incomprehensible power they are impelled, running as if to touch the Feet of the One Unknown - and how little we are! Where then is room here to allow ourselves to indulge in vileness and mean-mindedness? What should we gain here by fostering mutual enmity and party-spirit? Take my advice: Set yourselves wholly to the service of others, when you come from your colleges. Believe me, far greater happiness would then be yours than if you had had a whole treasury full of money and other valuables at your command. As you go on your way serving others you will, on a parallel line, advance in the path of knowledge.
(excerpts from 'Talks with Swami Vivekananda'. Chapter IV. Surendra Nath Das Gupta, Work for Others. p.498)

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Jitesh said...

Chetan, thanks for the great quote from Swamiji. It is especially useful to us in this day and age.

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